Welcome to CertVault.net

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CertVault.net is a simple and secure online storage solution for all your professional documents, CV and certification.

CertVault.net has been designed to provide the perfect location in which to store your professional documents such as CV's and certificates in a central point. How many times have you needed to access and send to, a 3rd party a document or certificate when away from home?

It is now so simple, thanks to the CertVault.net Id and Pin system.

How does this work?

Can you remember the last time a 3rd party requested a document, qualification certificate etc and you didn't have it to hand! Well now here is a simple solution, CertVault.net.

For 3rd parties it's easy to register with CertVault.net. Once registered they will then have what we refer to as a 'Viewer account'.

With a CertVault.net 'Viewer account', a 3rd party with the 'Account holders' viewer ID and Pin will have permission to download required documentation or certification of that 'Account holder'.

There are several ways to give a viewer account access rights, either verbally, by email or by sending them your unique CertVault.net link.

Don't worry, each time a 3rd party downloads a document or certificate your will be sent an email to your email address registered at CertVault.net informing you; Who, When and What was downloaded.

Our aim at CertVault.net is to provide its users with a simple to use website to assist with their data management and data security needs.